The Lombards. Hermitage Exhibition

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The Lombards. A People who Changed History

The exhibition “The Lombards. A People who Changed History”, prepared by Italian specialists, has arrived to St. Petersburg from Naples and Pavia and is devoted to a landmark epoch in the history of Italy – the period of the Lombard Kingdom (AD 568–774). 

Around 600 exhibitions, the majority of which are archaeological finds, reveal all possible aspects of the political, economic and everyday life of the Lombard domains, including their complex relationship with Byzantium, which retained its power in major cities – Rome and Ravenna (6th–8th centuries), and also with the Frankish state under the Carolingian dynasty (8th–9th centuries).

This exhibition permits a wide audience to fill a certain gap in our conceptions of the culture of Italy over the significant historical interval known as the “Dark Ages”, between Late Antiquity and the classic Middle Ages. 

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