Best Stadium of the Year 2017

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The St. Petersburg stadium is recognized as one of the best in the world according to the results of an annual competition “Stadium of the Year” which was held by the internet portal StadiumDB. 

The jury of experts has estimated ten stadiums which passed in a final part of the competition “Stadium of the Year 2017” in three parameters. The architectural value (max. 4 points), functionality (max. 4 points) and innovations (max. 2 points) were estimated. The St. Petersburg stadium with score 6,20 (the architectural value 2.56, functionality 2.36, innovations 2.36) has taken the eighth position. Top three of rating looks as follows:

1. Luzhniki (Moscow, Russia) — 7,84 points (the architectural value 3.00, functionality 3.16, innovations 1.68);

2. "U Arena" (Nanterre / Paris, France) — 7,24 points (the architectural value 2.76, functionality 2.96, innovations 1.52);

3. "Mercedes Benz Stadium" (Atlanta, the USA) — 7, 12 points (the architectural value 2.52, functionality 3.04, innovations 1.56).

According to the users vote the St. Petersburg Stadium managed to take a better position – it takes the 5th place of the top list. Luzhniki, Moscow took the 7th position of the list.  The three most popular stadiums in the world are the following:

1. General Pablo Rojas Stadium (Asuncion, Paraguay);

2. Nemesio Dies Stadium (Toluca, Mexico);

3. The Mercedes Benz Stadium (Atlanta, the USA).

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